With 70 million dogs living within the United States, there are bound to be incidences that involve dog bites. It's important to educate ourselves as well as our young children about respectful ways to approach and interact with dogs. See the infographics below on some helpful tips!


Reading the body language of the dog will tell you how your interaction with them should proceed. These tips are the basis of a good interaction, but there is always an exception to every rule. If you do happen to come across a dog who is acting aggressively, try to find something that will create a barrier between you and the dog, even if it's just a purse. If the dog manages to knock you to the ground, curl up into a ball and protect your head by interlocking your fingers behind your neck. If you stay quiet in a ball, the dog will most likely lose interest and walk away.

Dog bites almost always can be avoided if we learn the signs of anxiety and aggression in dogs. We are taught to be respectful to others, and it shouldn't stop with humans!